Newsdly - Feed which you need.

A stunning and robust app to track finance news.

Newsdly provides quick access to the latest Financial news from sources all around the world. Newsdl aims to provide links to all the latest finance news in one fast, user friendly application.

Awesome desgin.

With carefully thought-out design, Neue looks great on any device.

Intelligent Notification.

Intelligent notification for your portfolio or keywordsr.

Rate News.

You can rate your favorite new.

Super-sweet animations.

Did you notice the animations? Those trigger on the position of the scrollbar to the right. It is extremely easy to setup, all you need to do is choose the animation and the place you want it to trigger from.

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Amazing Compatibility.

This is yet another place to highlight a feature of your awesome app and talk abit about compatibility maybe? Who knows, the decision is yours to make!

Carefully executed features.

With this loupe you get the chance to stun and amaze your visitors. Also to highlight something really important. Quite handy indeed.

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